Will A Horse Make A Good Pet?

Posted on September 13, 2021 at 1:24 pm

On our blog we have spoken a lot about the smaller animals that you can keep as pets, but what about the much larger options? For instance, horses! So, the question is, will a horse make a good pet!

Unlike other animals, a pet horse will not be able to live with you unless you have a substantial amount of land and a stable for the horse to live in. This is why it is not as common for people to have horses as pets as the land is just not available. But, some people will still have horses as pets, as it is possible for them to live in other farm stables, but this does come with extra costs and responsibilities for you.

Like other animals, horses need to be cleaned, fed and walked to be kept happy. You will need to visit your horse at least weekly, if not daily to feed them, give them water, clean out they’re stable and take them for a ride. This is the main amount of care that you will need to give them. Sometimes, stables will offer to do these for you for an extra cost, but it should be your responsibility to do this yourself.

With horses, they will also need to see a horse vet every so often. They can incure injuries and health problems, especially when they are not being cared for daily.

So, yes horses do make a good pet, they are very loving animals and are completely different to any others that we have looked at before. But you will need to care for them, and they do take a lot of responsibility to look after when not placed on your own land.

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