Why your pet’s vaccinations are so important

Posted on June 24, 2017 at 7:41 am

Vaccinations work the same in animals as they do in humans, with an injection containing certain diseases your pet may be prone to getting. The vaccination works by building up your pet’s immune system as it exposes their body to a small amount of the disease, teaching the fighting cells to attack the particular diseases and keep it in the cells memory. If your pet then becomes exposed to the disease, their body will be able to attack the illness more readily.

Without certain vaccinations, your pet can become sick very quickly if they have not had the vaccination against the exposed disease. These include:

Parvovirus, kennel cough and rabies, all of which can cause death to animals not vaccinated against them.

Some vaccinations are only requiring once, while others require booster injections throughout your pet’s life. It is important that you seek vaccination information for your pet’s vet to make sure they are completely covered.

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