Treats For Fish

Posted on October 16, 2020 at 6:57 pm

Yes, you heard me right… you can buy treats for your fish. You should buy treats for your fish. They like to be treated just like our other pets. But this is not well known. So what treats can we buy for our fish?

One of the cheapest options is cucumber or courgette. These are a firm favourite in most fish tanks. Giving them a healthy treat does no harm. You should however invest in a screw-cumber as this allows the cucumber or courgette to sink to the bottom of your tank. When preparing these treats ensure you peel the skin off and this can be tough for them to get through.

Another option is purchasing algae wafers. These are perfect for any bottom feeder fish. They love eating algae, and these little wafers will offer them some extra as a treat.

Just remember, any food or treat given should be removed after 1 hour if uneaten.

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