Pet dispensers/feeders

Posted on July 23, 2014 at 5:48 pm

Pet dispensers and pet feeders are nifty devices for the modern pet owner! If you have a few creative genes then you might even manage to build a simple version with the right bits of kit.

You can have a water dispenser, or a food dispenser, or both! Some pets like the sensation of drinking from their own personal waterfall!

Pet dispensers can be manual, these are more a storage device, but this is linked to your pets bowl. Allowing you to give them a set amount of food depending on what you set the quantity to.

If you have multiple pets, or if you are not going to be around at feeding time, you can get yourself an electric feeder. These can be timer controlled or they will only open when the right pet approaches it. This works by them wearing a sensor on their collar which the feeder will recognise. Almost like a door with a card reader!!

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