Owning A House Cat

Posted on November 16, 2020 at 7:31 pm

What is a house cat?
In basic terms, a house cat is an ordinary cat which is kept in your house. They will become litter box trained and will be let out into your gardens for exercise.

Benefits of owning a house cat
One of the main benefits of owning a house cat is you do not have the worry of losing them. Due to them staying indoors, you do not have the fear of them near busy roads or getting lost. They will also not bring you any unwanted surprises such as dead animals!

Keeping House Cats Happy
It is important that you do all of these things to ensure that your house cat is kept happy. You will need to ensure that they have plenty of room to roam, this means multiple rooms in your home. They should have a dedicated litter box for them to go toilet. Finally, you should take them outside at least once a day for daily exercise.

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