Keep your Pet cool in the summer

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 6:37 pm

Hot weather can be an issue for our pets, whether you have a dog, a rabbit a cat or a hamster. Every pet should have an unlimited supply of water in the summer, as well as plenty of shade to help keep them cool.

If you regularly walk your dog quite far, you may want to shorten the journey slightly if the weather is hot, or at least take a bottle of water and a bowl do you dog will not be deprived when he or she is roaming out and about.

Having some fresh air coming in and out of your home is important, especially for animals such as hamsters, ad fans should be used if the weather is to hot and humid. Pets deserve to find shade and it’s important that the owner provides their pet with shade and water on hot days, while they should never be left alone for hours without checkups.

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