How do pet wholesalers drive the performance of retailers?

Posted on December 30, 2021 at 4:20 pm

Only recently has the performance of pet supply retailers been studied, and one thing that becomes increasingly clear is that research on this topic is scarce. One notable exception was a 1994 study that came up with findings regarding factors affecting retail sales in pet stores. It was found that the presence and performance of competitors and customer motivation were positively related to sales at a pet store while the number of competitor outlets within a 3-mile radius negatively affected sales revenue. These findings suggest that there are many factors influencing retail performance; it’s something we will get back to later. However, another question remains: how can you drive your own business performance and why are innovative wholesalers always going to help?

Well, firstly, you need high-quality products that meet your customers’ needs. Whether you specialize in a particular area of pet products or accessories or focus on a type of pet like dogs, cats, reptiles, or fish, you need the best quality products to meet your customers’ needs. Wholesalers need to be forward-thinking to ensure the new product lineups they bring to the table are a good fit for UK retailers. But they also need to understand the current market and what it wants, as well as where that market is going.

This means working closely with pet suppliers to find out everything you can about them and their products: what’s new, what’s hot right now, where is your product line headed next? This relationship will help ensure that your business stays on top of emerging trends and ahead of the competition! It helps create a win-win situation for both parties involved. Sales and marketing director at Pet Supermarket UK, Sarah McCann commented:

“Working with pet suppliers to explore new concepts and continuous improvement across our product range is a crucial part of what we do.”

This doesn’t just allow the wholesaler access to new products that could potentially boost sales; it also means an inside track on how retailers can really wow their customers next time they walk in. What’s more, regular meetings and updates ensure the wholesaler knows about everything going on in order to come up with even better ideas moving forward! This is especially important when it comes to seasonal trends, which will always affect buying habits. In these instances, your wholesale partner becomes your best resource for upcoming insights into what your customers want from you and your brands.

Pet wholesalers will always help drive retail growth, however, there’s so much a pet retailer can do to maximize performance and ensure they remain at the top of their customer’s minds for pet goods. By staying abreast of the latest trends and buying accordingly, you will ensure that your business stays on top. You also need to be sure that you are paying attention to your specific market and how they want their shopping experience delivered. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking everyone wants a big-box store; some people like small boutique style shops while some would rather head online and buy from home and avoid the time and effort of going out.

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