Dog Walking in the City

Posted on May 26, 2014 at 6:25 pm

Many people have pets in large busy cities like London, Berlin and Paris, and you’ll often spot a dog on a tube, which proveS there are places to walk and no dog owner should deprive their dog of physical activity and fresh air.

Some pets spend a great deal of time indoors, except for when they head outside into a small garden for a number one or two. This shouldn’t be the case and if you own a dog in the city it is still your responsibility to make sure he or she is waked because it’s in a dog’s nature to explore. The fact that the streets are busy is no excuse for not walking your dog, and why should one dog get walked more often just because he lives in the countryside?

It’s not the animal’s choice to live in a city, in a town or in the country, so make sure your animal is getting enough exercise. London may be busy but it does have its quiet parts and there are numerous parks out there to choose from that are suitable for dog walking, and the same goes for many other built up cities.

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