Creating Your Own Dog-friendly Treats

Posted on August 23, 2021 at 2:48 pm

We all love a treat, some of us even enjoy baking our own treats. But what about spoiling our dogs with a specially made treat? Sometimes pet shop treats can be disappointing, so why not make your own! Here are some things you can consider as a treat for your family loved dog!

Please note – all of these should be given to your dog in consideration as may cause obesity and other health problems.

Doggie Cake
One food item that you can make for your dog is a dog-friendly cake! These are the perfect little treat for a dog on their birthday or any other special occasion. You should complete lots of research to ensure you are making a cake with all ingredients that are safe for dogs! One of the best ways to decorate this cake is using peanut butter and dog biscuits.

We all know that dogs love chicken, with most of their dry and wet dog food being chicken flavoured. Well, as a small treat you can give them bitesize pieces of actual chicken to enjoy.

Another food item that you can give to dogs is cheese. This should be given in consideration as can cause health problems. But dogs love cheese, it will be a great way to encourage them to do more tricks and learn new skills.

Fresh Fruit
Finally, fresh fruit is a great choice for a treat for dogs. Some fruits should not be eaten by dogs as they can be poisonous, for example, grapes. But other fruits like apples are an amazing healthy treat for dogs to enjoy.

So, take some time and make your dog some other treats. Don’t always go for the store brought treats. Even some foods around your home will be perfect to treat your dog with.

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