Column Aquariums

Posted on March 29, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Aquariums can improve the decor of a home. Although there are many different shapes and sizes of aquariums in the market, like ovals, column aquariums can be a great solution, especially for small rooms. They can be used as an exceptional corner unit solution and can change the whole atmosphere of a home or an office. Maintaining a healthy aquarium is much easier nowadays and this is mostly because of the improvements in lighting, filtration, as well as of the increased knowledge of fish species. Column aquariums can be a great decorative solutions, that allow 360-degree view.


Maintaining the quality of the water

Freshwater column tanks can be maintained more easily, especially by novice aquarists. Although saltwater fish can be extremely exotic, they cost a lot more than freshwater fish. For example, saltwater fish come with some special challenges; they often refuse to eat when they first enter the aquarium. So, the owners need to make weekly water changes, which is one of the most important parts of maintaining the good quality of the water. For instance, weekly water changes of around 15-20% of the total water volume can fix a lot of problems of the quality of the water. In addition, the water changes can bring fresh mineral water into the tank, which is essential. The fishes, plants and bacteria use up the trace minerals in the water and by adding new water once in a week, can actually replace these minerals. By removing water, the amount of nitrate and ammonia that is being build up in the water can be removed and the tank can be cleaned.

Add plants and wood


Many fish are more comfortable and less shy if they have dark places where they can hide, in case they feel nervous. In fact, the plants can be put at the bottom of the column aquariums and will add to the aquarium an extra view. It’s better to be used live plants in the tank and even though they can be difficult to grow and may at least at the beginning require a little more maintenance, the benefits to water quality and fish health are worth it. For example, plants can be great at absorbing carbon dioxide and nitrate and at the same time can provide security and shelter for the fish. Moreover, they can also help, in order to reduce algae growth in the column fish tank.


Biochemical filtration


Biochemical filtration is important because it’s the only action in the tank that can break down dangerous ammonia to nitrites and the nitrites. Nowadays there are a number of good filters in the market. Today most good filters usually have a separate area or wheel, for these bacteria to grow. Even though some owners of aquariums may feel that all the maintenance needed is an unpleasant task, the truth is that it can be a daily task that can be enjoyable. It’s extremely important for the owners to make the necessary maintenance, because this is the only way to have a clean and beautiful aquarium in their place.


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