Choosing Your First Pet

Posted on July 16, 2020 at 2:24 pm

Getting your first pet is a big deal for anyone, no matter how old you are. But what pets are the best first pets?

Fish are an excellent starting pet. They are extremely easy to care for and do not cost an extreme amount of money. You can choose a tank and fish to fit your budget. Then all you need to do is feed them and top up their water. Did I mention they’re extremely relaxing too!

Dogs are another good choice for a first pet. They do cost slightly more and take more care, but they are an excellent pet. Dogs help you to get out of the house with their daily walks!

Guinea Pigs are another excellent choice for a first pet. They are very social yet timid animals so will love all of the cuddles but will not need all of your attention. They very rarely bite so are excellent for around children.

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