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Why Are Guinea Pigs A Good Pet For Children?

Posted on July 9, 2021 at 8:48 am

You will always hear and read a lot about how Guinea Pigs are the best pet for children. But what they fail to mention are the reasons why this is the case. So today, we are going to share with you why Guinea Pigs are a good pet for young children.

Firstly Guinea Pigs are extremely timid. They do not make a lot of noise so and highly unlikely to scare young children. They love to have cuddles, this means they can help to build the children’s confidence up.

Guinea Pigs do not require that much care, meaning young children can be responsible for caring for them. This includes feeding them daily, given them fresh water and bedding. As well as participating in the weekly clean out and wash of their cages.

Children will love these small little animals, that is just truly the perfect pet for any budding animal lover.

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Treats For Guinea Pigs

Posted on April 16, 2021 at 12:20 pm

Guinea pigs are a very popular small pet. With them being the perfect pet for young children due to how affectionate and cuddly they are. But, like with every pet, we all want to give our guinea pigs yummy treats. So, what are some of the best treats to give to guinea pigs?

What To Remember
When purchasing treats for any animal it is important to remember that a treat is something that they do not normally eat. So while weeds and plants for the garden may seem like a treat, if this is part of their diet you may want to consider some other goodies for them.

Another aspect you need to remember is the size of your guinea pig. While you can give larger animals large quantities of treats, guinea pigs only need a small amount for their tummies to keep them happy.

What Are Some Of The Best Treats For Guinea Pigs?
Now, we are going to share with you a shortlist of some of the best treats that you can give to your guinea pigs.

Vegetable Treats
Vegetables are one of the best options of treats for guinea pigs. They can offer them some amazing benefits for their health and well being. Some of the best vegetables to give as treats to guinea pigs include:
– Beetroot
– Carrot
– Pepper
– Tomato
– Kale

Fruit Treats
While fruit treats do offer some amazing health benefits, in large quantities they can cause some issues. It is important that you only give these into consideration as a small treat. Some of the best fruits that you can offer your guinea pigs as a treat include:
– Grapes
– Apple
– Pear

When giving guinea pig treats it is important to consider the amount that you are giving them. You do not want to overfeed and over face them. Small amounts of treats every so often are fine, as it keeps the treats feeling to them as a treat.

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What Can I Gift My Pet This Christmas?

Posted on December 10, 2020 at 5:11 pm

Pets are at the heart of our homes, some of us may even want to give them their own gifts this Christmas. In this article, we are going to share with you some Christmas gift ideas for your pets this year.

When purchasing a gift for your pet you should always consider something they need. For example, you could purchase them a new bed. Possibly even splash the cash a little bit more so they have the extra comfort.

You should also consider something they love. All pets love a good treat. Therefore a good idea is to purchase them a selection of treats. This can help with their training too.

Another consideration to have when choosing gifts for your pets is something they will enjoy. The most popular choice being a new toy, for example, something that squeaks or something to put treats in. You could, however, purchase them a new food bowl which makes eating meals fun.

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When is it okay to use a harness on your dog?

Posted on October 12, 2017 at 3:18 pm

If you have a dog that is strong and difficult to handle on a simple leash, you may want to consider trying a harness instead.

A harness will not only benefit your dog but it will help you too. When a string dog pulls too much on a simple leash that attaches to their neck collar can cause unnecessary strain on their neck, and can be hard for you to hold and handle.

A good harness should fit comfortably around your dog, fitting around and under each front leg, and around their abdomen. Using a harness provides you with more control and provides more comfort to your excited pooch when out for their daily walks.

You can get advice on the right harness for your dog by heading to your dog’s vets or at your local pet store where you can try them on you dog and see what works best for them.

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Spotting a change in your dog’s behaviour

Posted on September 28, 2017 at 1:42 pm

As a dog owner, you will have realised how quickly your pet become part of the family. They have their own personality and particular behaviour traits. If you start to notice some obvious changes to their behaviour, it could be more serious than you think.

When dogs become unwell, they are unable to communicate how they feel, so as their owner it is hard to determine the severity of it. Some behaviour changes to look out for are increased lethargy, poor appetite and even aggressiveness.

You should always seek advice from your vets in regards to any behavioural changes and let the vet determine what is the cause. Leaving a serious illness untreated can lead to death. It is always better to get your dog’s health checked out, even if it turns out to be nothing serious.

On top of monitoring your dog’s behaviour, remember to stay on top of their yearly vaccinations and annual health check to keep them in top health.

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How to set up a habitat for your first family rabbit

Posted on August 30, 2017 at 2:58 pm

If you have decided a rabbit is the right addition to your family, making sure you have a home for them is very important. We have outlined the basics of setting up a rabbit hutch at home:

A disposable base- While hutches are normally made from wood, you need to add an additional based that can be taken out and thrown away. This makes it easy to clean and keeps the hutch smelling more pleasant. A good base is newspaper, it will help absorb any urine and excrement from the rabbit and it can be removed and discarded easily.

Flooring- Rabbits love wood shavings in their home as it provides them with comfort around their cage.

Bedding area- Always create a distinct bedding area for your rabbit, this can be made from paper fibres or pelleted wheat fibres. Your rabbit may move the bedding around to make it just the way they like it.

Food and water- An essential! Keeping the water fresh daily and making sure the bottle is never empty. The food bowl and water bottle shouldn’t be kept in any difficult to reach places for your rabbit.

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Behaviour Traits of a Jack Russell; The Good and Bad

Posted on July 24, 2017 at 9:54 am


The Jack Russell aka Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog with a big dog’s attitude. A typical Jack Russell is affectionate, outgoing, energetic and friendly. However, this small dog has its own set of behavioural problems, the following is a compilation of the behavioural traits (good and bad) of a Jack Russell.

  1. Feisty with other dogs- A terrier enjoys living solo with little need for sociability and is ideal for single dog homes.
  1. Intelligence- Terriers are renowned for their intelligence, they are fast learners and highly trainable.
  1. Restlessness- Jack Russell’s are hyperactive dogs; this might be due lack of exercise. To address this challenge you might consider scheduling for some playful activity with your dog.
  1. Who is the boss?- Russell’s can be small but do not let their size deceive you; most of them seek to establish a dominant role over their owners. As the owner, establish a dominant role earlier on in the relationship.

As a Jack Russell owner, it is important to train your dog from a very early stage; this will make you an owner of a happy playful dog.

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Why your pet’s vaccinations are so important

Posted on June 24, 2017 at 7:41 am

Vaccinations work the same in animals as they do in humans, with an injection containing certain diseases your pet may be prone to getting. The vaccination works by building up your pet’s immune system as it exposes their body to a small amount of the disease, teaching the fighting cells to attack the particular diseases and keep it in the cells memory. If your pet then becomes exposed to the disease, their body will be able to attack the illness more readily.

Without certain vaccinations, your pet can become sick very quickly if they have not had the vaccination against the exposed disease. These include:

Parvovirus, kennel cough and rabies, all of which can cause death to animals not vaccinated against them.

Some vaccinations are only requiring once, while others require booster injections throughout your pet’s life. It is important that you seek vaccination information for your pet’s vet to make sure they are completely covered.

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Importance of walking your dog

Posted on May 12, 2017 at 1:42 pm

Dogs are beautiful animals that love their owner unconditionally. Caring for your pet dog is very important, from feeding them a balanced well nutritious dinner to exercising them daily. Dogs deserve to be looked after in the best possible way, this includes walking them daily. They should be exposed to new and exciting environments that allows them to explore their surroundings, and just be a dog. The amount of exercise your dog requires depends on which breed they are, some breeds require two walks a day including running, some will stay fit and healthy with a daily stroll.

All dogs should be allowed to explore, a great place for this is your local woods, with the different animals leaving their sent, dogs begin sniffing and learning as they become familiar with their surroundings.

Your pooch should be allowed to run off the lead, to use up all the extra energy they have, justifying that treat you have for them afterwards for behaving well.

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The behaviour traits of huskies

Posted on April 18, 2017 at 12:21 pm

Huskies have unique traits and characteristics such as loving, gentle, social, casual, keen, playful, happy-go-lucky, independent to name a few. They tend to be very fond of their families, making them a great family dog. Huskies are great with children and friendly with strangers, and are easily trained. These beautiful animals are extremely smart and excel in obedience. Huskies can provide families with great challenges as they require a lot of walking, feeding and interaction. They however do not make good guard dogs as they do not bark, instead they howl.

Huskies are frisky and full of energy, especially when puppies. They require exercise daily and become bored very easily. If you are a runner, this is the dog for you. They will go anywhere alongside you. Make sure you keep them well hydrated on long walks or runs as they have a thick strong coat as they are arctic dogs by nature.

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