Becoming A Responsible Dog Owner

Posted on June 10, 2021 at 2:31 pm

Owning a dog changes your day to day life in ways that you would never have considered. That is why today, we are going to share with you some of our tips for becoming a responsible dog owner. In our eyes, there aren’t good and bad owners, just responsible and irresponsible, if you want the best for your dog, be responsible.

How To Become A Responsible Dog Owner

1- Look At Your Lifestyle
Before you even choose a breed and purchase a dog, you need to look at your own current lifestyle. Consider what changes you are happy to make to your own lifestyle due to owning a dog. Look at what hobbies you have, what your working hours are etc. Chose a dog breed that will fit around these commitments is key for you to be responsible.

2- Choosing A Breed
When choosing a breed, you need to ensure you have conducted in-depth research. You want to know as much about the breed as possible. Knowing if they will suit your lifestyle. Knowing how much energy they have, how many walks they’ll need. What their living costs are like if they’re affordable for you. All of these need to be considered when choosing a breed of dog for your family. It’s with no surprise some breeds will be more suitable than others.

3- Train Your Dog
Once you have brought your dog home, one of the best ways to be a responsible owner is by offering your dog the training they need. Teaching them simple commands like sit, returning to their name. These will all help you when looking after your pet.

4- Regular Check-Ups
This is one area a lot of dog owners fall short in. Schedule your dog regular checkups to be a responsible owner. These may cost you a small fee, but it is better to know that your dog is healthy than not. These checkups will help vets to spot any issues before they become serious.

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