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Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

Posted on April 24, 2014 at 8:28 am

A lot of people are interested in watching wildlife interactions, and one great, and cheap, way of accomplishing this is to try and attract wildlife to your garden. This can be done through a variety of different methods, such as placing out bird feed, or buying trees which can feed squirrels and other wild animals. The most important thing to remember is to provide them with water, which is something a lot of people forget to do, when they just lay out some bird feed and expect a large number of birds to appear. Another great way of attracting animals to your garden is to open pathways through walls for hedgehogs, and other smaller ground animals, to pass back and forth between your garden and the outside.

Watching wildlife do its thing is a very special experience, one which is far more acheivable than you might imagine.

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Reptile Terrarium

Posted on April 17, 2014 at 8:28 am

Just like an aquarium for fish, a reptile terrarium is a necessity for caring for your reptile pet. But just because you’ve bought it to help provide a living system for your reptile pet, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot that you can do with it. A terrarium is essentially a glass cage, which is ideal for creating an ecosystem within. Just placing your reptile inside doesn’t use it to its full potential, you can also place a number of plants and features within it, which will help to enrich the animals habitat, and make a far greater spectacle out of it.

Reptile terrariums come in many different sizes, so you can place any sized animal inside one as you’d like. Trying to make the terrarium as close to what the animal’s habitat is in the wild can help to ensure that your pet remains in high spirits, which can also help to extend their lives.

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The Choice of Dog Treats

Posted on March 30, 2014 at 7:24 pm

There really is a large range of dog treats to choose from, and it can be easy to pick the cheapest, but a new treat really get your pet existed and show them how well they have been behaving.

Dogs love pigs ears, and tough they’re strictly not allowed to eat pork this is a n exception, and it is almost like a smoky chew bar, and it is something they will love, but be warned the smell tends to be quite strong.

There are dogs’ chews that are healthy for them such as chews that help to clean their teeth, while a bone will never go a miss, and most dogs really will love a big bone. Gravy biscuits can a nice treat for dog, and these tend to be quite small so they’re ideal for walks if you want to give your dog a quick reward.

There really is huge supply of dog treats, so try out different ones, and you may find that some are a lot more popular than others, and ti may not even be the most expensive type.

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Keep your Pet cool in the summer

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 6:37 pm

Hot weather can be an issue for our pets, whether you have a dog, a rabbit a cat or a hamster. Every pet should have an unlimited supply of water in the summer, as well as plenty of shade to help keep them cool.

If you regularly walk your dog quite far, you may want to shorten the journey slightly if the weather is hot, or at least take a bottle of water and a bowl do you dog will not be deprived when he or she is roaming out and about.

Having some fresh air coming in and out of your home is important, especially for animals such as hamsters, ad fans should be used if the weather is to hot and humid. Pets deserve to find shade and it’s important that the owner provides their pet with shade and water on hot days, while they should never be left alone for hours without checkups.

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Buying a Western Horse Saddle

Posted on March 22, 2014 at 7:25 am

A western horse saddle can stand out a bit more from the crowd and give you a bit your horse a bit more of a cowboy look. Cowboy saddles for your horse can be incredibly comfortable, while many benefit from an etched design that offers a superb style.

These saddles are ideal for riders that want the freedom to stand up when they’re riding without feeling constrained. You may not be the typical horse rider, and if you want to ride your horse fast then a western saddle can be ideal.

There are many different designs and styles to choose from, and there is a freedom you c=get with a western saddle that you don’t get with others. If you Want the real deal then a western saddle could be one of the most comfortable and unrestricted saddle money can buy.

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Run Rabbit Run!

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 4:40 pm

A Rabbit run is essentially if you want to give your rabbit some freedom in a safe environment, and it’s a place where they can feel safe and cosy. That’s what al rabbit want, and rabbit runs and hutches are built to be warm and cosy.

Rabbit runs can be rather spacious and they can benefit form a sleeping areas and a run, and the size of your run may depend on how much space your garden ca facilitate. Modern rabbit runs are relatively inexpensive, and they are built to be secure, sturdy and weather proofed.

Every rabbit deserves a place they can call home and a rabbit run can be the ideal environment of a happy bunny. Remember rabbits should be in a run or a secure garden for 4 hours a day and it’s all the better if a combined hutch and run is their home.

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Dog Grooming

Posted on March 14, 2014 at 2:12 pm

Every once in a while a dog will need a good wash, brush and a cut, and this is all part of dog grooming. Dogs may not enjoy the experience –though some do – but it’s needed especially if you want your dog looking good and smelling nice.

There are many dog salons that can provide an all in one service, but it must be said that it is possible to do a good job yourself. You can buy face and ear scissors for a cut, while dog shampoos and conditioners are available to help them smell good. There is eve dog perfume today for that extra touch, while brushes and combs are important, especially in terms of removing dead fur and knots.

Remember dog s do not require a grooming session every week, or perhaps not even every month, but it is needed once in awhile and you can do a good job yourself.

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Welcome to our Pet Supplies Blog

Posted on March 14, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Welcome to your new information website about pets and pet supplies and accessories. Here, we try to provide you with as much information as we possible can, to help you to make informed decisions about your pets, and your pets health.

Whether you have a dog, a cat, a lizard or a snake, we’re here to give you the information you need to be a loving owner, and we will also be proving plenty of interesting facts and pieces of advice so make sure you watch this space if your an avid pet lover.

If you’re going to be buying a new pet in the future, this could be the blog for you too. Each pet deserved to be loved and looked after, and we will be outlining the needs that various animals require. We want to make sure every owners is equipped with the information they need to be the best owner they possibly can.



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