Keeping exotic pets – what are the challenges?

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 9:04 pm

Exotic pets include snakes, terrapins, scorpions, lizards and frogs. Although these pets are popular, it is important that potential owners find out as much as they can about looking after these animals when bringing them home. These are pets which have a variety of challenging needs.

Some things to consider are:

· Life span of the animal, and how much it is likely to grow

· The food it needs to eat (how much and how frequently)

· Does it need a carefully controlled environment – reptiles particularly may become very ill or even die without the right environment

· Size of the enclosure – allowing for growth!

· Does the animal need to be alone or with others?

· Is the animal likely to be active in the day time or night time?

· Do you have a vet nearby who can treat your exotic pet if it becomes ill?

· Do you need a license or any special papers to keep this pet?

It is worth researching thoroughly prior to bringing your exotic pet home!

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